Kathy Hicks, President

Kathy is delighted to be following in the footsteps of Bernard von NotHaus, creator of the original Liberty Dollar. By reintroducing Liberty Dollars as Universal or Community Branded Silver Certificates, she hopes to help small businesses everywhere thrive and grow, while helping individual people save money and combat the ravages of impending inflation.






Brandy Ritchey, Office Manager

Brandy is enthusiastic about Liberty Dollars and loves to talk to the people who call in with questions and comments. If you have a problem with an order or transaction, she’s your gal.


Wayne Hicks, Marketing Director

After years of experience with Bernard and the Liberty Dollar, Wayne is uniquely qualified to manage the marketing efforts of the Liberty Dollar Network. He’s working hard to make sure all the information is available to everyone.






Barry Durmaz, National Branch and Sales Coordinator

Barry comes from a business background, but he’s extremely knowledgeable on issues that affect Liberty Dollars and those of us who use them. He’ll be working with Branch Offices to help them develop Merchants and Acceptance in their own areas.








Robert Olson, Senior Liberty Dollar Representative

“I love showing Liberty Dollars to people, and explaining why Silver Spenders are so much better than Silver Stackers!” Robert is having a blast introducing people all over the US to Liberty Dollars, and he’ll be working with folks who want to operate Liberty Dollar Network Branch Offices.