In Honor of the Liberty Dollar

On October 1, 1998 a private, value based currency was issued in the United States. The Liberty Dollar, a private currency that was 100% backed by gold and silver, became available for the first time. Over the next ten years, it made an important impact on the lives of many Americans who hungered for a way to conserve spending power against inflation.

Originally, the Liberty Dollar was conceived as the means to return the American monetary system to value by offering people a silver-backed currency that held its value. The Liberty Dollar was enthusiastically adopted by over 250,000 monetary activists that circulated over $85,000,000 new silver-based dollars for more than eight years. At the end of that time, however, its founder and monetary architect, Bernard von NotHaus, suddenly came under the scrutiny of the United States Justice Department. An investigation culminated in the arrest of Bernard von NotHaus, who was tried and convicted of counterfeiting but only served one year of probation.

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As a result of this infamous case, the courts have interpreted the law to disallow the use of privately minted gold or silver metal coins in commerce and also legalized the use of private gold and silver paper money and digital currency such as bitcoin, etc.

Hello. I’m Kathy Hicks and I am proud to carry on the legacy of my friend and mentor Bernard von NotHaus and bring back the powerful benefits offered by the original Silver-backed Liberty Dollar. Fittingly, the idea for the Liberty Dollar Network was born on the twentieth birthday of the Original: October 1st, 2018, during a visit from Bernard at my home.

The new Silver-backed Liberty Dollars issued by the Liberty Dollar Network are available in negotiable paper Silver Certificates and Electronic Digital Silver Certificates (eLD). Every Liberty Dollar issued is 100% backed by a specific amount of .999 Fine Silver Bullion that is safely stored, insured against loss, audited monthly and 100% redeemable by the bearer of any Liberty Dollar upon demand.

The pure Silver Certificates and electronic Liberty Dollars (eLD) can be used to barter for any goods and/or services with any merchant, sales or service person who is willing to accept it in trade, and according to recent Supreme Court references to Bitcoin and other types of virtual currency, the Silver-backed electronic Liberty Dollar (eLD) is also a legitimate form of “money” that you can use in exchange for goods and services.

It is important to note, however, that the Silver-backed Liberty Dollars are NOT Legal Tender from any nation. This means that you cannot pay taxes with it, you can’t deposit it to a bank account and no one can be forced to accept it. It is not issued by a government but by a private profit-based organization, but it’s very well-suited for use in barter and local economies.

The Liberty Dollar Network is a non-political organization. Our purpose is simply to benefit our Members with a way to keep Silver as a hedge against rising prices and the return of rampant inflation, in the form of Silver-backed Silver Certificates and Negotiable Digital Certificates for use in barter. Your Silver Holding with the Liberty Dollar Network will help you maintain the spending power of the money you earn, because Silver has a long history of being stable in comparison to most other commodities.

The “Liberty” in Liberty Dollars means Freedom from rising prices and inflation. Click Here to Learn More.

Plus, you can get new Liberty Dollars at a discount and use them at a profit! This is possible because Liberty Dollars are currently based at $25 per ounce of silver. This means that we value each ounce of silver at Twenty-five Dollars, but members of the Liberty Dollar Network can purchase the Silver-backed Silver Certificates or eLD at only $22.50 per ounce. This rewards you with $2.50 per ounce in extra trading power when you use them in barter to “buy” the goods and services you need.

Yes, Liberty Dollars are back! People and Communities can now benefit from electronic Liberty Dollars (eLD) and the new Silver Certificates that are branded for the communities in which they will be used in physical form. eLD can be used online through our website and soon-to-be-available smartphone app to transfer eLD to other Members, and before long you’ll be able to use it on Members’ Merchant websites in exchange for their own products or services.

The laws of the United States require services like Liberty Dollar Network to maintain a specific Anti-Money-Laundering policy that requires us to “know our customers” before offering certain services. For that reason, we will only exchange Liberty Dollars with Members of the Liberty Dollar Network.

Basic Membership is free, and you can get and use eLD and Liberty Dollars almost immediately, to spend them and accept them for your own goods and services. You can redeem the physical silver rounds at any time. The only thing a free Member cannot do is sell them back to us, unless you upgrade your Membership to the Silver Level and complete the Identity Certification Process. That involves a personal meeting or Skype interview so that we can say for certain that we know who you are.

Silver Membership is only $19.95 per year and entitles you to buy silver from us and take title to it in paper Liberty Dollars or eLD for use in barter, as well as sell it back to us when you need Legal Tender for any reason.

Members can not only get Liberty Dollars, they can use them right here on the website. Our LD Forum and LD Classifieds allow you to interact with all the other Members, to offer your own items and services for eLD or Liberty Dollars or find the things you want to buy with them. We also have the LD Marketplace, where we’ll post some terrific offers of our own that you can buy with eLD.

One of the most important benefits of Silver Membership, of course, is that it also entitles you to sell your silver back to us at any time for exactly what you paid for it, via PayPal or check via mail. Whenever you need to convert your printed Silver Certificates to Legal Tender, simply follow the instructions on our Redemption page. For eLD, you can sell it back directly through the system and we will deposit your money into your PayPal account or mail a check to you.

Incidentally, if you happen to be near Live Oak, Florida, we hope you’ll stop by the Liberty Dollar Network office and make the exchange in person. We love to meet our Members!

We accept US Dollars and other National Currencies via credit and debit cards through PayPal, and may accept Bitcoin and other digital and crypto-currencies shortly. We also allow LDN Members to convert eLD into other digital currencies when available (premiums may apply).

If you see the value in having a secure Silver Holding Account that maintains its buying power with inflation-proof Silver, we invite you to join The Liberty Dollar Network today. We think you’ll be glad you did.

Kathy Hicks, President

Liberty Dollar Network

November 15, 2018