• Kathy Says

    An International Liberty Dollar Network

    Now that the Liberty Dollar Network is a reality and beginning to find some acceptance and goodwill, it’s time to turn our thoughts toward the future. In doing so, it is necessary to decide just how Liberty Dollars can best benefit the people who will want to use it. In order to be of benefit, it must meet certain criteria, and these are listed below. It must have a value that is stable and not subject to inflation. It must be usable to purchase items needed or desired by its users. It must be capable of being used not only locally, but over distance. It must be capable of transitioning…

  • Kathy Says

    Corporate Liberty Dollars

    A large company that sells millions of products to its customers always wants to generate brand loyalty. To do so, they can offer lots of things to entice people into buying their products again and again, such as coupons, reward points, gift items and more. What if they offered something that had intrinsic value? Something that their customers would love getting and would be able to use just like cash when they wanted to buy more of those products? The Liberty Dollar Network is about to offer such a gift. Corporate Liberty Dollars are given as reward points when a customer purchases some of the company’s products, in the form…

  • From Bernard von NotHaus

    Snips From Our Visit With Bernard

    We recently had a visit from Bernard von NotHaus, the Monetary architect behind the original Liberty Dollar, and we were blessed to have Joy Durmaz there with her cameras. She did a great job of making us this short montage of video and photos.