Kathy Says

A Unique Business Opportunity

If you’ve been looking for a genuine business opportunity that offers not only profits, but a way to help your local community, then you’ve come to the right place. As a Community Currency Coordinator for the Liberty Dollar Network LLC, you can earn thousands of dollars every month while helping your community to prosper.

Liberty Dollars are branded for your local community or region, and used by local merchants and residents just like cash, but they have a secret: they’re backed by .999 pure silver! That means they never lose their value, and are not subject to inflation like regular money. No matter what happens with the economy, Liberty Dollars can always be redeemed by the bearer for the actual silver at any time.

This means that more of the wealth of your community stays local, because big box stores won’t accept it. It’s the local merchants who will see their sales go up, who will gain new customers and who will enjoy greater profits. And all of them will be coming to you to get their Liberty Dollars at a discount, so they can spend them at a profit.

You’ll get them at an even deeper discount, so you make a tidy profit on each sale. You’ll also get opportunities to ear in other ways, such as training merchants and their employees on how to offer Liberty Dollars back out in change, how to introduce them to new customers and more.

Becoming a Liberty Dollar Network Community Currency Coordinator costs only $2,995.00 the first year, with a $400.00 Annual Franchise Fee thereafter, but it’s one of the best investments you can make in yourself and your community. Contact us today to learn more and see why being a CCC is right for you!

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