• Kathy Says

    Specimen Certificates

    We just received some new Live Oak Liberty Dollars marked SPECIMEN by mistake, and thought some of you might like to have some of them. We’re making packets of 10 Certificates with a face value (if they weren’t specimens) of $200, and will send them to you for $5 each. You can order them here through PayPal, or contact us to order them with eLD. Kathy

  • Kathy Says

    An International Liberty Dollar Network

    Now that the Liberty Dollar Network is a reality and beginning to find some acceptance and goodwill, it’s time to turn our thoughts toward the future. In doing so, it is necessary to decide just how Liberty Dollars can best benefit the people who will want to use it. In order to be of benefit, it must meet certain criteria, and these are listed below. It must have a value that is stable and not subject to inflation. It must be usable to purchase items needed or desired by its users. It must be capable of being used not only locally, but over distance. It must be capable of transitioning…

  • Kathy Says

    Corporate Liberty Dollars

    A large company that sells millions of products to its customers always wants to generate brand loyalty. To do so, they can offer lots of things to entice people into buying their products again and again, such as coupons, reward points, gift items and more. What if they offered something that had intrinsic value? Something that their customers would love getting and would be able to use just like cash when they wanted to buy more of those products? The Liberty Dollar Network is about to offer such a gift. Corporate Liberty Dollars are given as reward points when a customer purchases some of the company’s products, in the form…

  • From Bernard von NotHaus

    Snips From Our Visit With Bernard

    We recently had a visit from Bernard von NotHaus, the Monetary architect behind the original Liberty Dollar, and we were blessed to have Joy Durmaz there with her cameras. She did a great job of making us this short montage of video and photos.

  • Kathy Says

    A Unique Business Opportunity

    If you’ve been looking for a genuine business opportunity that offers not only profits, but a way to help your local community, then you’ve come to the right place. As a Branch Office of the Liberty Dollar Network a Common Law Business Trust, you can earn thousands of dollars every month while helping your community to prosper. Liberty Dollars can be used by local merchants and residents just like cash, but they have a secret: they’re backed by .999 pure silver! That means they never lose their value, and are not subject to inflation like regular money. No matter what happens with the economy, Liberty Dollars can always be redeemed…

  • Kathy Says

    Why Should Merchants Accept Liberty Dollars?

    There are a number of reasons why merchants should accept Liberty Dollars, especially within the community for which it is branded. The first of these, of course, is to help keep more of the local wealth, the money owned by the local citizenry, within the community. Big box stores, such as WalMart, Target, Lowe’s, Home Depot and many, many more, take that money away from the local economy, and once it’s gone, it’s gone. With a locally branded community currency, however, since those stores won’t accept it due to their perceived difficulties with accounting for the different type of payment this means that local merchants can be the beneficiaries of…

  • Kathy Says

    Why The Liberty Dollar Network Will Survive

    I was reading some posts on various websites this morning, and came across some mentions of our recent press release. If you like, you can read it here. What caught my attention, however, was that several people commented that the Liberty Dollar Network can’t survive, because “it won’t be long before the feds raid them and take all the silver…” Now, we all know what happened to Bernard von NotHaus and the original Liberty Dollar, but apparently there’s some confusion about why it happened. I think it might be time to clear that up a bit. The Liberty Dollar was a wonderful idea, but there was one little detail in…

  • Kathy Says

    Defining The Silver Base

    One of the most common questions we hear is, “Why are you selling silver at $25 an ounce when the spot price is only $14.50 an ounce?” First, for those who do not understand what the Liberty Dollar Network is trying to do, it’s an understandable question. They think of it like trying to sell a gallon of gas for $10 when the gas station is only asking $3, right? If all you see is that you can get it somewhere else for less money, the question makes perfect sense. The thing is, it isn’t just the silver that we sell; it’s the increased spending power of Liberty Dollars. Liberty…

  • Brainstorms


    Hey, there. I’m Wayne Hicks, Kathy’s husband. Bernard and I are old friends, of course, and I’m delighted that Kathy is doing such a great job. As Marketing Director, it’s my job to develop the marketing that will help the Liberty Dollar Network succeed, as well as to develop the Community Currency, Branch1 and Liberty Merchant Programs so that everyone can benefit from the positive effects of the new Liberty Dollars. I spent a terrific hour on the phone with Bernard today, and we actually recorded the call. I thought you all might like to listen in to part of it, and get a sneak peek to something new that’s…