Hey, there. I’m Wayne Hicks, Kathy’s husband. Bernard and I are old friends, of course, and I’m delighted that Kathy is doing such a great job.

As Marketing Director, it’s my job to develop the marketing that will help the Liberty Dollar Network succeed, as well as to develop the Community Currency, Branch1 and Liberty Merchant Programs so that everyone can benefit from the positive effects of the new Liberty Dollars.

I spent a terrific hour on the phone with Bernard today, and we actually recorded the call. I thought you all might like to listen in to part of it, and get a sneak peek to something new that’s coming.

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  • Robert Olson

    Over twenty five years ago there was a growing number of individuals asking employers to pay them in silver. Richard Flowers solved part of the problem with the Christian fellowship association. Individuals would immediately send their paychecks to the warehouse bank concept they had which backed the paychecks deposited with silver & it offered a bill paying service. Unfortunately there were banking & taxing issues that were not thourouhly addressed by legal counsel. As a result they were shut down & they did time.

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