CCC’s Will Help Introduce Liberty Dollars Locally

We are looking for Entrepreneurs who want to help their own communities thrive as Community Currency Offices (CCC's). This is akin to a Liberty Dollar Network Franchise, and CCC's will be trained in how to educate local merchants about the benefits of using locally-branded Liberty Dollars, and how accepting these Silver Certificates and eLD will bring more profits into their establishments. They'll explain clearly that Liberty Dollars are not Legal Tender, because they are not issued by any government. They'll show the Merchants that Liberty Dollars have genuine, solid value and can be spent legally with any willing recipient. they'll help local merchants get registered with LDN as Liberty Merchants, which means we'll list them on the website so Members know where to spend their Liberty Dollars, and gives them access to our BuyBack Program for when they need to convert Liberty Dollars to Legal Tender when they need to, so that they can use the money to pay taxes, make bank deposits, cover their bills or do other things that require the money most of the world is accustomed to.

Most importantly, CCC's will help local Merchants redeem the physical silver and build their Liberty Dollar market, with promotional tools and marketing materials to help them get their customers involved. they'll assist with making products available online and more, so that Liberty Merchants can profit in every possible way with Liberty Dollars.

A Community-Branded currency can have significant positive effects on the local economy. As more of the spending power of the community remains circulating among merchants and businesses within the community itself, local business profits will rise. As profits rise, more jobs will be created and more new businesses will find opportunities to begin. Citizens who save Liberty Dollars can conserve spending power for when inflation shows its face again, since the value of the Silver they hold will rise along with other prices.

Bear in mind that, while some large cities may need more than one CCC, a Community Currency Coordinator is not always limited to working with a single town or city. We find that "Community" can include a wide area. Locally-branded Liberty Dollars might be for a town or a region, such as "Tri-County" or "Red River Valley" or even "Silicon Valley," for example. If you are considering becoming a CCC, we encourage you to think about the area you will serve and its population. Look into the demographics of your area and then decide what the boundaries of your CCC Territory might be.

Becoming a CCC isn't hard, and we've designed the program to be a profitable one. You'll have access to Marketing Materials and Promotional Aids that your local Liberty Merchants can buy from you, and all Liberty Dollars bearing your Community Brand will be sold through your office, with  a profit of 11-18% to you each time. You'll also earn commissions on eLD used by Members you bring to the Network. As a Community Currency Coordinator, you'll be a driving force for economic stability in your area, and the marketing of Liberty Dollars will always include a margin of profit for both the CCC and the Merchants.

As a CCC, you'll earn a reward for every new Member you bring to the Network, including Liberty Merchants, and you'll make a profit on every Liberty Dollar you deliver to your Merchants and Customers. You'll actually make money by putting new money into your Community! Can you think of anything better than knowing that your business is helping your Community to be wealthier and more stable than ever before?

There are numerous benefits and services that CCC's will offer to Merchants and the Public alike that have their own inherent profitability, so the CCC is a business in itself. Your success as a CCC will depend on your commitment to the business and to your communities.

Opening a Community Currency Office requires you to:

  • Pay the Annual CCC Franchise Fee of $2,995,00, which includes your first 100 Ounces of Silver and your first run of locally branded Liberty Dollars
  • Join us for a Skype Interview.
  • Successfully complete CCC Training in person, or through our online training course (available soon).

If you're interested in becoming a CCC, then now is the time to contact us to get started on this exciting and rewarding new business opportunity. Just complete the form below and we'll get back to you within two business days.