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Corporate Liberty Dollars

A large company that sells millions of products to its customers always wants to generate brand loyalty. To do so, they can offer lots of things to entice people into buying their products again and again, such as coupons, reward points, gift items and more.

What if they offered something that had intrinsic value? Something that their customers would love getting and would be able to use just like cash when they wanted to buy more of those products?

The Liberty Dollar Network is about to offer such a gift. Corporate Liberty Dollars are given as reward points when a customer purchases some of the company’s products, in the form of a code that can be entered into our website to credit the customer with a certain amount of eLD (electronic Liberty Dollars). ELD can be used to buy many things at the Liberty Dollar General Store and (soon) other places online, or the customer may collect it until they have enough to redeem an ounce of pure .999 silver bullion or convert them to Silver Certificates that can be used in stores to buy more company products.

This is a win-win-win for the company, the customer and the store, who can then use the Silver Certificates or eLD to pay the company for the products, which puts the silver back into the company’s account to be given out again. Customers will keep coming back, since they’re not just getting some “bonus points” that have no value; they’re getting title to actual, investment-grade silver, which will gradually rise in value.

If your company wants to create some serious customer loyalty, talk to us about Corporate Liberty Dollars today.

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