Frequently Asked Questions

Selling Your Silver

No, I'm afraid not. To buy pre-owned Silver requires a license we do not have. We can only sell new Silver Bullion, and we can only buy back the uncirculated Silver from Silver Members that we keep in our storage facilities to secure your Liberty Dollars and eLD. Once it leaves our facilities, we can't buy it back again.

If you are a Silver Member or greater, the answer is yes. If you want to cash out your eLD, you can do so through that system by clicking the "Sell Silver" link. For Silver Certificates, the instructions are on the Redemption page. We'll buy it back at the current base less the discount we offer when you buy it from us, so you can't lose money to us on the Silver. We ask you to realize that it can take up to five business days to complete the buy-back, because we have to transfer funds to the right account for buying back the silver.


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