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You can begin using eLD, today by becoming a Member of the Liberty Dollar Network, which is the only way to be able to receive or send eLD.

Basic Membership is Free, and entitles you to:

  • Get Liberty Dollars and eLD at a ten percent discount, to use in barter locally, and all over the world.
  • Introduce your friends and neighbors to the power of silver to hold value and curb the effects of inflation, and get a small reward for doing so.
  • Use our free LD Classifieds to promote things you want to sell, or see what others have to offer, and increase your Silver Holding by marketing your own goods and services for Liberty Dollars.
  • Redeem your silver at any time, so that you have it in your possession.
  • Use our LD Forum to interact with other Members, share information about eLD, Liberty Dollars and their uses, and offer suggestions and learn from other Members.

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Silver Membership

Silver Membership gives you all the benefits listed above, as well as the new ones below. Silver Membership costs you only $4.95 per month and makes it possible for you to also:

  • Maintain your silver in our Warehousing Facility permanently, with no storage fees. Your monthly Membership Fee covers everything, including storage, insurance and premiums normally associated with Silver Certificates.
  • Sell your silver back to us at the same price you would pay for it (less a 10% restocking fee), so that you can convert your eLD or Liberty Dollars back to Legal Tender/National Currency when you need to, via PayPal or by mail.
  • Take advantage of special programs we'll offer from time to time, including very legitimate Business Opportunities (like becoming a CCC!).

These features make Liberty Dollars and eLD the most viable virtual or alternative currency on the market, since it can be easily converted back to National Legal Tender almost anywhere in the world! That's why we call it "The Universal Silver-Backed Currency."

If Silver Membership is right for you, you'll get the chance to upgrade after you join us for free.