Mission Statement

The Mission of the Liberty Dollar, in its original form, was to protest the Federal Reserve and the Internal Revenue Code. To accomplish that purpose, Bernard von Nothaus established an organization that was known as the National Organization for the Repeal of the Federal Reserve and the Internal Revenue Code. This was during a recent period in American History that was known for protests against many things related to the Government of the United States, so it isn’t all that surprising.

The Mission of the Liberty Dollar Network is non-political, and is intended to help people save their money and preserve its purchasing power. This is based on the fact that the current monetary equivalent of an ounce of silver will buy the same things today that it did a hundred years ago. Holding silver is one of the best ways to combat the high cost of inflation, because you can buy as much when you sell it as the money you paid for it would have bought when you got it.

Check this chart for a better example of what this means.

The new Liberty Dollars are not intended to compete with American Currency, or any other National Currency, but is in fact dependent on them. By offering to the people a way to own the spending power of silver and exchange its value legally, we hope to aid them in maintaining more of the value of the money they earn for longer periods of time. By buying silver and trading ownership of it legally through a system designed for the purpose such as eLD Digital Warehouse Receipts, people all over the world can avoid some of the natural losses in spending power that come through rising prices and inflation.

Using Liberty Dollars allows people to buy and hold the value of Silver safely, without having to store it in their own homes where it can be a tempting target for thieves, while also allowing them to access its inherent value to barter for things they want or need. Members of the Network can post their own items for barter on the LD Marketplace and accept Liberty Dollars in exchange. This makes their Liberty Dollar holdings an even more powerful part of their Savings Strategy.

In addition, we also offer Paper Warehouse Receipts, similar to the original Liberty Dollar Silver Certificates but designed with the aim of supporting trade within local communities. Liberty Merchants who agree to accept these Certificates will be able to use them to buy business supplies, equipment, and even inventory at the Liberty Dollar General Store, as well as General Merchandise that everyone needs. As a result, more of the money spent within the community will remain there, returning again and again to the merchants who accept them and offer them out in change.

And now, we’re rolling out our Republick Trust Branch Office Program, which will enable local offices to assist with rapid redemption, conversion from paper to digital and back, and other services–almost like a “bank” for Liberty Dollars. Between Liberty Dollar General Store and our new Branch Offices, we think we might be able to give Bitcoin a little competition.