What do you do when you’re a 14 year old orphan girl, and you learn that the ultimate fate of the world rests on your shoulders? That’s the dilemma facing Promise Janelle Merritt, or PJ as she’s known to her friends, when she finds out that she is a long-prophesied Champion who must battle the Devil himself in order to return the power of Magic and Miracles to the world!

Accidentally transported to the legendary Camelot, PJ is trained in magic by none other than the great Merlin, himself, and learns from King Arthur and his Knights just how important her destiny really is! With a company of Elves, Fairies and Immortal Knights, PJ sets out on the ultimate Quest: to locate seven Great Charms that have been hidden in different places and times, and beat Lucifer and his allies to them all.
Her adventures will take her into various points of history, including WW2, the Dark Ages, the American Wild West and others, and she’ll find Lucifer’s minions waiting and ready to do all they can to thwart her. But her own Company gains new members and strengths each time, and is always ready to leap to her aid and defense. Don’t miss this chance to embark on this incredibly exciting quest with the most engaging and determined Heroine to come along in ages!

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