Silver Savers

Silver Saver Certificates

Thje Liberty Dollar Network is pleased to introduce our Silver Saver Certificates, which are designed to work like a Savings Account for Liberty Dollars. Silver Savers allow you to hold silver by means of a Saving Certificate that puts a specific amount of Silver Backed Liberty Dollars into your account for a predetermined time period. At the end of that term, when the Liberty Dollars are available for withdrawal or redemption, we’ll reward you with an increase based on the length of the term.

Suppose you buy a Four Ounce Silver Saver Certificate with a two year term. Your cost is only $100 eLD. At the end of that term, you will receive Five Ounces of our .999 Fine Silver (25%), which gives $125 in eLD, which you can use to make purchases or redeem for the actual silver.

Shorter terms or smaller amounts will give similar increases, but remember that you can only redeem whole ounces. If you buy a One Ounce Silver Saver Certificate with a one year term, for instance, your cost will be $25 eLD, and you will receive an increase of 12.5%, giving you $28.13 eLD.

Here is the Silver Saver Savings Chart, showing you the amount of your increase on the available certificates.

  • One Year Certificate – 12.5% increase ($100 eLD becomes $112.50 eLD, 4.5 OZ)
  • Two Year Certificate – 25% Increase ($100 eLD becomes $125.00 eLD, 5 OZ)
  • Three Year Certificate – 37.5% Increase ($100 eLD becomes $137.50 eLD, 5.5 OZ)
  • Four Year Certificate – 50% Increase ($100 eLD becomes $150.00 eLD 6 OZ)
  • Eight Year Certificate – 100% Increase ($100 eLD becomes $200.00 eLD 8 OZ)

You can buy Silver Saver Certificates in any amount greater than $25 eLD. Your eLD can be withdrawn at any time, but the increase is only credited at the end of the term, so you will not receive the increase. There is also a five percent penalty for early termination, charged against your eLD. This is to encourage you to allow the Silver to work for you and increase your holding.

Also, if the price of silver has risen sufficiently that we increase the Silver Base to $50 per ounce, your eLD credit will reflect the new base, so your $100 eLD will become $200 eLD (still 4 Ounces of Silver, at $50 per ounce). A One Year $100 eLD Certificate, after adjustment, would yield $225 eLD (still 4.5 Ounces) at the end of its term, but we cannot predict when the base increase will happen. This is why we denominate the Silver Saver Certificates in Ounces, even though we use eLD values to help demonstrate the increase you receive.

The Silver Saver Certificate is our promise to credit to your eLD account, at the end of the term, the specific weight of silver listed on it, credited as eLD. The Silver represented by Silver Saver Certificates is redeemable upon demand after completion or termination of the Certificate’s life.

If you have any questions, please let us know and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.