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Hey, everyone,

I just had a wonderful weekend with Bernard von NotHaus, the Monetary Architect of the original Liberty Dollar, and one of my dearest friends. He has been invaluable as an adviser and mentor as I take on the challenge of building The Liberty Dollar Network.

On Saturday, December 1st, Bernard presented me with the first design for the New Liberty Dollars Silver Certificate. Since we’re working on a Base of $25 per ounce, the first certificate is a $25 Silver Certificate that was branded for our community here at the Home Office: Live Oak, Florida. We made a video (watch it here) showing the actual presentation that Bernard posted to Facebook, and it was a lot of fun!

Of course, now that we’ve actually seen one, there was a lot of brainstorming about how best to make the Liberty Dollars work. That led to the decision that we’ll offer a “Universal” set of certificates without any community name, that can be used by anyone, anywhere in the whole world. They’ll be available in a single $25 Certificate and in sets that include a $10 Certificate, two $5 Certificates and five $1 Certificates

We’ll be offering these to everyone until we find people who want to be LDN Branch Offices and have other communities to brand them for. At that point, local Members and Liberty Merchants will get the locally branded ones through the Branch.

We also made some other changes. You can now join for free as a LDN Member and get your eLD Account instantly. This is your basic Silver Holding Account, and you can use it to accept eLD for your own goods and services, as well as buy our Sunshine Minting .999 Fine Silver Rounds at discount to load into it.

You can post your items and services on our LD Classifieds and Message Board so that other Members can see them right away. That way, as new Members join, you automatically gain new potential customers, and they might have something you want to buy using eLD.

When the Liberty Dollars Certificates are ready, you’ll buy them with eLD. That way, you use the same Silver Holding Account to back the paper certificates as the digital Silver Certificates in the eLD System.

As a Member, you can also refer other Members and earn a small commission whenever they receive eLD. That commission will go directly into your eLD account, increasing your Silver Holding. This will be of particular interest to Liberty Merchants and Branch’s, of course, since they’ll be on the Front Lines, introducing Liberty Dollars to everyone they come in contact with.

I’m very proud to be bringing Liberty Dollars back to the people, and while I have no intention of trying to replace or compete with Legal Tender, I think Liberty Dollars still have a place in the world. If you agree, then I urge you to join us and use the Power of Silver to help maintain your spending power forever.

The Liberty Dollar Network. The Legacy Lives.

Kathy Hicks

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  • Robert Olson

    Twenty years ago when I wanted to start investing, but did not have the extra funds to do it. Then fifteen years ago while living in Arizona something Robert Kiyosaki happened to mentioncaught my attention: “get involved in network marketing, to earn the funds so you can start investing. I immediately joined the first company that someone mentioned. That did not turn out very good for me at all. I later learned from a great mentor that there are several very key factors that are crucial to the selection process of a network marketing company. Unfortunately there is only one that I am aware that scored a 100%. My research indicates that Liberty Dollar Network has all of the key elements whereas it could score 100%

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