The Liberty Dollar Network Is Hiring

With all the new developments coming down the pike for the Liberty Dollar Network, it seems we have reached the point where we need help. This can be a blessing for some of you who might be looking for a way to make ends meet or just pick up some extra spending money. In this case, some extra Liberty Dollars. There’s no cost to get started, and we’ll provide everything you need.

The job is simple: Introduce Liberty Dollars to the people and businesses you meet and deal with every day, and teach them about the benefits of Membership, and of using sound money. Since Membership is free, that shouldn’t be terribly difficult, and in return, you’ll earn a finder’s fee of $5 eLD for each and every one who joins the Network.

That also applies to businesses who agree to accept Liberty Dollars as a form of payment. For each and every one you educate about Liberty Dollars and how they can help them make more profits, you earn a finder’s fee of $10 eLD, but there’s more.

You’ll also be getting a reward whenever the people and businesses you sponsor spend or receive eLD, three levels deep. You’ll also be in the perfect position to introduce them to the Liberty Dollar General Store, and your affiliate link there means even more eLD rewards for you.

We’ll provide you with the necessary tools and all the information you need to teach your friends and acquaintances all about the benefits of silver-backed Liberty Dollars, and so that you can get as much of this stable new currency as you want. Finder’s fees and affiliate rewards in eLD can add up to a nice extra income.

If this sounds like an opportunity that might appeal to you, then let’s talk about it. Just complete the form below and we’ll get back to you within a day or two to get you started!