Kathy Says

Want To Work From Home?

The Liberty Dollar Network is seeking entrepreneurial men and women to become Community Currency Coordinators, introducing the benefits of community-branded, silver-backed Liberty Dollars to your region. This is a terrific, low-investment business opportunity, because communities that establish a local form of currency have historically discovered greater local wealth and prosperity.

The reason for this is amazingly simple; you see, “Local Money Stays Local,” simply because the big national chains won’t accept it. It’s the local businesses, the home-town merchants, who will find themselves gaining new customers and recovering former ones, as the community pride of having local money begins to reach into the hearts and minds of the local population.

Becoming a Community Currency Coordinator is simple and far less expensive than almost any other franchise-style business opportunity. At the low cost of only $2,995.00, you can become the sole source of Liberty Dollars in your area, making a profit on every Liberty Dollar that you put into circulation. Everyone who joins the Network under you can get Liberty Dollars at a ten percent discount, so they actually end up with greater spending power, and Merchants who agree to accept them can get them at fifteen percent off the face value. Merchants give them out in change, and the people who receive them will visit other participating merchants to spend them again. This is called circulation, and it’s the reason so many cities and towns have found more of the local wealth remaining local with such currencies.

If you’re interested in becoming a Community Currency Coordinator and taking charge of your own future while bringing new benefits to your local area, just click here.

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