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Why Should Merchants Accept Liberty Dollars?

There are a number of reasons why merchants should accept Liberty Dollars, especially within the community for which it is branded. The first of these, of course, is to help keep more of the local wealth, the money owned by the local citizenry, within the community.

Big box stores, such as WalMart, Target, Lowe’s, Home Depot and many, many more, take that money away from the local economy, and once it’s gone, it’s gone. With a locally branded community currency, however, since those stores won’t accept it due to their perceived difficulties with accounting for the different type of payment this means that local merchants can be the beneficiaries of all the spending that goes on with Liberty Dollars within the community.

Next, there is the simple fact that Liberty Dollars are just like cash within the local economy. People who support the idea of shopping locally will happily accept it in their change, so the merchant can keep sending it back out into circulation, where it will find its way into other merchants’ stores, return to circulation in change again, and eventually come back to the merchant. This is the very foundation of our business, to keep money circulating so that the wealth remains local.

Third, the fact is that, sooner or later, the price of silver will rise. Many merchants like to save some Liberty Dollars as a hedge against inflation for themselves. When the price of silver rises, the base value of the currency will rise, so the Liberty Dollars in your possession can be exchanged for the higher base, increasing your purchasing power by 100%.

Fourth, there is the fact that Liberty Dollars have an intrinsic value that won’t ever fail completely. No matter what happens to the economy, whether locally, nationally or globally, it can always be redeemed for the investment grade silver that backs it. That silver will always have value that keeps pace with the values of other commodities, so this is a form of money that can never be devalued by inflation.

And now, Merchants and everyone else can use them (as eLD) to make purchases at the Liberty Dollar General Store. You’ll find thousands of items there, including food, clothes, furniture, and even business supplies and bulk items for resale. And our new Branch Offices will help by handling redemption and conversion on a local level.

These are not all the reasons why merchants should accept Liberty Dollars, but they are some of the most valid ones we can promote. We look forward to hearing form our merchants about the reasons they come up with on their own.

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